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Length of program: 3 month subscription for targeted nourishment

Your health investment: $210/month for 3 months

Upon completion of your SEED nourishment program, you may find yourself in need of additional, more in-depth nutritional and herbal supports to accomplish your health goals. Many (most?) health conditions and diseases manifest over time - so it only makes sense that time is a necessary factor for reversing the impacts of these concerns. If you find this to be the case for you, consider signing up for this 3 month subscription to optimize your next steps and have continued access to guidance on the best methods for targeting your bioindividual nutritional needs. This program is highly recommended If you have any of the following health concerns, as these conditions require more focused protocols and lengthier implementation time: autoimmune diseases, gut disorders, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular concerns, hormone dysregulation, and/or if you struggle with any other chronic conditions not listed.

This program provides you with the ongoing guidance, education, resources and practical skills needed for a successful and sustainable wellness journey. 

Your ROOT Nutritive Program includes the following benefits:

  • Up to 3 in-person or virtual sessions (60 minutes) during the duration of your subscription

  • Up to 3 phone sessions (30 minutes) during the duration of your subscription

  • Email correspondence (up to 3x/week) for the duration of your subscription

  • Food Journal Reviews weekly throughout program duration

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire Reassessment at the end of your subscription period

  • Nutritive Protocol customized and tailored to your bio-individual needs and requirements as best fits you and your lifestyle

  • Educational materials and resources as applicable to your health concerns

  • Recommendations and instructions for herbal and supplement supports as needed

  • Countless hours of research, protocol and resource formulations, analysis of symptoms and assessment results, and continual adjustments to your personalized protocol as warranted

  • 10% discount on herbal and supplement purchases