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Herbal Actions & Applications for the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Wise Woman Herbals Presents:



Join us for a discussion about how to incorporate botanicals into your Functional Clinical Assessments with ease in order to provide more comprehensive services to your clients as they undergo their wellness journey.

We will discuss:

  • Common Herbal Action Terms and Preparations Methods

  • Flavors & Properties of Herbal Botanicals

  • How to Approach Herbal Use in your Clinical Practice

  • Dosing of Herbal Botanicals

  • Utilizing Herbal Botanicals in your Functional Evaluation Assessments

As part of a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner’s (NTP) training, we are trained to utilize and assess information from the body using a Functional Clinical Assessment. This process allows us to identify and target organ systems that may be experiencing stress and/or dysfunction, thereby allowing support of those systems to be prioritized appropriately so we can optimize recommendations for the individual being assessed. 

The Wise Woman Herbals Botanical Fundamentals Kit has been formulated with this assessment practice in mind so herbs and herbal formulas can more easily be utilized in your clinical practice. With 25 herbs targeting the gamut of organ systems in the body, you can now experience and assess the direct impact of these herbal botanicals on the body in order to know if they are the right herb for you or your client. 

About Sierra Thompson Nordquist, NTP, CH 

Sierra is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Herbalist and educational enthusiast on a mission to share the health-promoting powers of nutrition and herbal botanicals with her community and beyond. Sierra owns and runs a private practice, Nutritive Roots, where she provides education and guidance through one-on-one nutritional and herbal consultations, cooking and herbal workshops, group programs and educational lectures. When not in the studio, Sierra can be found cooking up a culinary confection, creating herbal crafts and remedies, digging in to a good book (or the garden dirt), sipping a cup of tea, wildcrafting in the woods, enjoying being with friends and family, and of course – eating! For more information about Sierra and her services, please visit her website at

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