SEED : 30 Days of Lifestyle Nourishment

Length of program: 30 days
Your health investment: $540

In order to support your health and wellness, we first must address the lifestyle components that promote your healthy and happy harmony. These lifestyle factors, such as nutrition, sleep, movement and emotions, make up your foundation of health - and we can only build from a sturdy foundation right?

This package provides you with the ongoing guidance, education, resources and practical skills needed for a successful and sustainable wellness journey. 

Your SEED Nutritive Program includes the following benefits:

  • One  90 minute Initial Nutritional & Herbal Interview Assessment
  • Three 60 minute strategy sessions scheduled weekly for 3 weeks with focused assessments of nutrition, mindful movement, stress reduction and rejuvenating sleep.
  • Nutritional Assessment Reviews at the beginning and end of the program for progress assessment.
  • Food Journal Reviews weekly throughout program duration.
  • Nutritive Protocol customized and tailored to your bio-individual needs and requirements as best fits you and your lifestyle.
  • Educational materials and resources as applicable to your health concerns.
  • Countless hours of research, protocol and resource formulations, analysis of symptoms and assessment results, and ongoing direct communication with your NTP for continual support and knowledge throughout the program's duration.
  • Recommendations and instruction for herbal supports and remedies as needed.
  • 5% discount on herbal and supplement purchases.