SEED : Your Knowledge

Length of program: 3 sessions for foundational nourishment

Your health investment: $450

In order to support your health and wellness, we first must understand your current health status and potential depletions so we know how best to proceed in our work together. This program provides foundational interviews and assessments so we can start you’re nourishment journey off on the right foot!

This package provides you with the foundational guidance, education, resources and practical skills needed for a successful and sustainable wellness journey. 

Your SEED Nutritive Program includes the following benefits:

  • Session #1: Initial Nutritional & Herbal Interview (60 minutes)

  • Session #2: Initial Assessment of Nutrient Status (60 minutes)

  • Session #3: Reassessment of Initial Introductions & Recommendations (60 minutes)

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire Review

  • Nutritive Protocol customized and tailored to your bio-individual needs and requirements as best fits you and your lifestyle.

  • Educational materials and resources as applicable to your health concerns.

  • Countless hours of research, protocol and resource formulations, analysis of symptoms and assessment results, and ongoing direct communication for continual support and knowledge throughout the program's duration.

  • Recommendations and instruction for herbal and supplement supports as needed.

    Upon completion of your Seed Program, you may continue your nutritional guidance with ad hoc services as needed ($150/hr) or sign up for either the Root or Grow subscriptions for more comprehensive on-going support.